We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
Amazing food, service & atmosphere! Our new favorite Indian restaurant!
Desiree Sparrow
I highly recommend this place vegan or not I love Indian food so much there’s only a few places that are worthy of me eating there. This is one of them. do not hesitate to eat here or order takeout.
Tia Maria
We found this place while visiting Philly. Food was great and service was very fast and staff was very friendly and courteous. Food was tasty, but the eggplant dish was a bit too spicy for us (we should have mentioned it beforehand). Interior design is also very good looking. Would recommend!
Ayman S
Flavorful dishes and generous servings, but way too spicy. Even the "mild" preparation had heartburn-inducing heat. I literally had to rinse off my Chicken Tikka Masala to tolerate the burn. The Chicken Samosas were excellent! I'll give it another try.
Certainly a great place to come if you’ve never had indian food before. the customer service was amazing, our server helped us figure out everything we wanted. definitely recommend if you’re here in the city
Alexis Armstrong
Love the food . I felt there food got authentic flavours . They got best kheer they presented them so good . I would suggest you all to try fish tikka.
Supraja Br
As vegetarians, we are always looking for restaurants with a wide variety of options. This is one of our favorite Indian restaurants. We have ordered the vegetarian combo, the jalfrezi with paneer, the aloo tikki chhole, the panner naan, and mango lassi. The staff is very friendly and attentive, and the ambiance is family-friendly. We highly recommend this restaurant.
Valerie Betancourt
My husband and I, along with our Son and his girlfriend had the pleasure of dining in your restaurant last Sunday, June 5th. Although I did not tell the host that it was my birthday, the experience and having him as a host was wonderful! It was as if he already knew. (I cannot recall his name)! He truly made our dining experience great, and I would appreciate you letting him know, since I did not get a chance to thank him personally. Also let him know, the Iced Tea was fantastic! We are looking forward to our next visit.
Louise Williams
"I haven't been to the physical restaurant yet but wanted to say that I think the online ordering is FANTASTIC. It's great that I can put the tip on the order and checkout with Paypal, and the ease of choosing the items is great."
April Duncanson
"Excellent, Quality great service owner is friendly, polite and caring"
Julie Chhour
"Very good food & service was great."
Edward Goddard
"Food was delicious service was wonderful."
"The vegetables were fresh. The chicken was tender & the sauces were exquisite."
"The food was delicious, like usual. Nice service & very nice new atmosphere."
Lindsey Kamir
"Thank you so much for a special celebration! I hope your business will blossom."
"I truely enjoyed the wonderful food you prepared on Friday June 11 for Paul's graduation lunchen, I will be sure to come again with my family when we are in the area."
C. Weather
"We had gone earlier for Lavash's Valentine's day special and loved it. So for our 1st wedding anniversery dinner we went straight to the chef/owner of Lavash to see if he could do a similar menu for our special dinner. He was so cool. He made the most delicious dinner for us and made us feel so special. If you want delicious indian food a intimate setting, incredible service and afordable dinner/lunch, go to Lavash. We know that we will definitely go back, if we ever have something to celebrate about."
"This is as close as you can get to Indian home cooking. This is food with authentic flavours served in a comfortable setting. Service is uncomplicated and casual. If there is something special you want and don't see on the menu, they will make it for you if they have the ingredients. Bring your own drinks, sit back and enjoy a variety of dishes that are sure to please. Of note, there is an upstairs room for special events and/or private parties. Chef Mohan can tailor a menu for virtually any diet at very affordable prices."
Howard Napier
"This restaurant is awesome. I loved the food, price, service and atmosphere. My friends and I had a great time"
"The food is deliciously prepared and the atmosphere welcoming. One of my favorite cuisine and restaurant experiences"
I’ve eaten Indian food through the Delaware valley but after many visits to Lovash, I have to say they are my #1 goto dining experience in this cuisine. Plus, I love a place where the owner greets you & makes sure you have everything you need for an authentic experience. Try it & see for yourself. I stay to the veggie side but my friends stand by the meat options too.
Pas Argenio
"Hi there. I placed an order yesterday on May 17 for nine people. I want to thank everyone involved in preparing, packaging and delivering that meal. Everyone loved the food, even the South Asians! Thank you again for the great food and service. Please pass this email along to everyone who worked on the order. It is greatly appreciated. With gratitude, Seema"
Seema Nayyar
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