Chef Mohan Parmar

Award winning chef Mohan Parmar is a culinary powerhouse, graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management, India.

He has kept the tradition of preparing authentic Indian food intact, since 1983. He opened his first Restaurant, Shiv Nanda, as a chef and owner in 1997, followed by his second Restaurant, Indian Kitchen Lovash later in 1997.

He has worked with multiple International hotel chains as an F& B manager including Oberoi’s, Hotel Hyatt and Hotel Guest Quarters Suites in Philadelphia. He designed the Indian Meal ‘Kashi’ for British Airways onboard, while working as a production manager in Flight Kitchen, Philadelphia. Chef Mohan Parmar used to teach at the Learning studio in Malvern as he highly believes in transferring the knowledge and skill development for culinary science and art.

Lovash Indian Cuisine